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to the Potager of the King of Versailles,

Balbi Park, Victor Hugo’s Literary House, Giverny…

Next Sessions in autumn 2019:
The Energy of the Stone
The Energy of the Water

The Energy of the Tree 




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Customized cycle : Currently an individual one-day course adapted to your level.
Come spend a day at the Feng Shui Garden with Nathalie and bring your garden oriented plan with photos, color pencils & ruler, the rest will be provided. 

Mon Jardin Feng-Shui et moi


Program content SESSION I :
Day 1

Architecture of landscape.

Palais Cité Interdite Le Jardin FengShui


Bases of the Garden Feng-Shui :
The school of form and shape or the ideal topography.
The 3 circles of influence.
The harmonious energy of the Yin and the Yang.
The Jù : configuration of pressent forces.
The Chi : condensation of mountains and water energies.
The identification of a site and the sacred animals. Analysis in rural and urban environnement.
Constructive, destructive cycles, regulating of the colors, materials, shapes according to the principle of the 5 elements.

The land :
The entry, the accesses and the ways.
The site of constructions.
The Dragon of water: place and movement of water.

Workshop on plans or on sites following our possibilities.
Thank you for choosing an oriented plan and pictures of the place (numeric if possible): before, behind, side.

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Day 2

Design and guidelines

Les Pierres Jardin FengShui


Design of the Garden according to orientations :
The Pakua of the garden : a typical plan feng-shui.
Valorizing the 9 areas of the garden: relations, creativeness, travel, career, wisdom, health, prosperity, fame, balance/harmony.
Proportional reports: 3 elements for the dynamisation of each area.
Relating the site with the occupant : personalization.

The audit and the assessments of the energies of a place :
Topography and remedies.
The particular shapes of land and their remedies: gardens in length, slope, wavy, flat…
Extensions and shortages of a land: consequences, remedies.

Arrangements targeted :
The lighting: where, how, why?
The entry, the alleys.
The traditional plants.
Power of the aromas: the best places.
The materials.
The symbols.
Water 2: qualities, positioning, distances, proportions.
Water 3: The formulas.

Pictures workshop and creation on a chosen plan.

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Day 3

The sensible Garden

Portrait Nathalie Normand Arbre Le Jardin FengShui


Modification of the area of the garden :
Seasonal cycle and growth.
Solar energy and lunar energy.
Educate the sight.

Energy of the trees :
Considering the tree.
Tree, vector of Chi?
The qualities, the criterias of selection, the ideal site.
Meeting of trees.

Sensitive workshop 1 : how to enter into contact with a tree ? Benefith

Geobiology to the service of the Feng-Shui garden :
What is Geobiology ?
Spot a geopathogen stress of the garden.
Consequences on nature.
Healing a site, healing a tree.
Plant where it is necessary and orient according to it.
The new natural techniques to help the growth of plants. (According to the research of Russian and French teams).

Points of acupuncture of a site.
Garden of stones 1: where, how, why?

Sensitive workshop 2 & 3 : detection of terrestrial disturbances
How to plant and where?
Visit of Victor Hugo’s Literary House garden.
For those that already work on geobiology, please bring your tools.
For the novice we will lend it to you

Conclusion and shares of the end of training.

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at the King’s kitchen garden

for the event Versailles Garden side.


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