9 Garden Areas

9 Areas for your Garden

Discover a new space, yours!


Seen in a different light…

Your garden delivers to you a message every day, it depends on you to read it.

Because as you every area of your garden is unique…

The card Feng Shui of your garden draws itself in 9 equal areas: the 9 harmonies of your life. The center or Tai chi, where your vital potential condenses, will make the tie between the 8 other sectors named Pakua.

Take your pencils to dress a little plane of garden, the area 1 being situated at the rear of your house. What about if you are lost? Guess who is there to help you? But before it, I let you travel in this universe full of charm.

Mon Jardin Feng-Shui et moi

4 ~ Abundance

Abondance - Le Jardin Feng-Shui

Water and shingle garden

9 ~ Fame

Renomée - Le Jardin Feng-Shui

A garden of openness

2 ~ Relations

Relations - Le Jardin Feng-Shui

The garden of communication

3 ~ Health

Santé - Le Jardin Feng-Shui

The garden of the Dragon

5 ~ Vital center

Centre vital - Le Jardin Feng-Shui

Balanced Garden

7 ~ Children

Enfants - Le Jardin Feng-Shui

Garden and children

8 ~ Knowledge

Connaissances - Le Jardin Feng-Shui

A meditative garden

1 ~ Career

Carrière - Le Jardin Feng-Shui

A garden of sensuality

6 ~ Helpful people

Aide extérieur - Le Jardin Feng-Shui

The garden of travel

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Mon Jardin Feng-Shui et moi
Nathalie Normand



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