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10 Feng-Shui tips to follow in your Garden
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Clarify your garden


According to the most old teachings, the invisible force or vital energy called Ch’i flows through and impregnates everything, even us ! Yet the Feng-Shui involves principally to lead and to harmonize this flow of Ch’i in the house like in the garden.

Let flow freely the Ch’i, the atmosphere will be vibrant, dynamized and propitious to inspiration. Eliminating the disorder in the garden is an essential health act.

I’ll tell you I caught myself to keep items which were useless and some were in a very bad condition, who doesn’t ? So practice every day or when you feel like, one of the principles of Feng-Shui : the « Clean Space ». Make like me, a spring cleaning which would be applied in all your areas : house and garden. Keep only what you need, accumulations prevent the concerned areas from breathing and shining like they are meant to.

Enjoy yourself to observe where you tend to make a mess and what happens for you following your cleaning act. You can also add an intention but never forget to thank after receiving your surprise gift. Opt too for the following principles named the « 3 gold rules of Feng-Shui » :




1. Sort,
2. Stow,
3. Give, sell or throw away.


A Feng-Shui terrace includes a convenient space to find the number of seats identical to the number of people living at home, the table will be round, square, octagonal, rectangular or other shape depending on the area fitted. This terrace will also include the decorative elements that you like and that allow you to relax like this jar to admire, this pool to listen and these plants to explore, while keeping a balance of architectural reading between Yin and Yang… Keep water clear at all times, either by using polluting plants or by circulating water or by renewing it.”

Mon Jardin Feng-Shui et moi


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Mon Jardin Feng-Shui et moi
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