Colours in my Feng-Shui Garden

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pakua-fengshui2Colours in my Feng-Shui Garden

With each season it is the entrance of the colors to the garden, a real fanfare of nuances. Colour is one of the main remedies in Feng-Shui, then comes the shape and then the material. This means that when one finds that an area lacks peps one uses colors to increase the vital energy of this area.

So you are like a painter in front of his composition, the brush pointed towards your garden. You will work with a palette of shades from the most vivid to the most tenuous, but you will also combine the materials combining the shapes of the flowers and those of different foliages. And you will add materials in line with these choices.


My advice “Feng-Shui Colors » :

The Feng-Shui chromatic circle is a valuable tool. It reveals and stages harmonies, contrasts, shades to paint…

Some colours absorb light, others return it. It depends on what we want to create and where we want to colour it and where it’s going. You will not choose the same camels for your home entrance, for your roof terrace, your pool, your secret garden, or your balcony…


Create a color shade and a rainbow of feng-shui hues:

The base of your garden : the green, health color with various shades depending on the area. Green leaves evoke freshness and return to nature. It is a luxurious setting for all other colors.


South, to increase your vital energy and reputation :

Colors FIRE :

Red, of course, exciting, warm, lively and tonic color. Scarlet red or deep red, reinforced by medium green or much darker.

The roses: from the tender pink to the tyrian pink, from the candy pink to the fuschia pink, you will reach the purple pink and finish with purple. The shades are rich in themselves to bring you the happiness of color and its surprise in the garden. Like an old rose coming out of the undergrowth!

Leafy side: add grey, bronzes, dark reds.


South-West, North-East and the Center, to see his relationships harmonize at home and abroad, to develop his knowledge and to live balance :

Colors EARTH :

From lemon yolks to golden yellows sowing good humor, these colors lead the eyes and draw effects of perspectives. The oranges are more voluptuous and sensual. These shades are underlined by pale roses to bright roses, purple, sparkling purples to the side of yellow, elegant mixed with orange.

On the foliage side, lime green and orange or indigo blend beautifully. But also copper, black, creams and bronzes. As for the green apples, silver or gold, they will spin the perfect love with the yolks.

Brown and chocolate to wrap it all in sweetness.


West and North-West, one to invite you to be more creative, the other to make you travel.

Colors METAL :

The white symbol of purity, not color since it contains them all, the reassuring grays, the elegant silverware in femininity.

Leafy side: choose plain greens, silver or white variegations.


North, to boost your career, your life path or succeed in your second life after working.

Colors WATER :

Blue, like a soft sky, can turn into a thunderstorm depending on its shades.From light blue to night blue, to lavender blue… passing by the turquoise, you have a beautiful palette.

The black, stricter will modernize your garden and liven up the greens, the grays, the silvery and why not the orange! Everything is a matter of dose.

TLeafy side: choose grey, silver, gold.


East and South-East, for a good family balance, excellent health and the abundance you need.

Colors WOOD :

Greens come back, from yellow green, to pale green, from medium green, Venetian green, dark green, bottle green… there is no shortage of greens.

They highlight all the other colors in the garden, make a try before you decide.


My recipe :

How I compose ?

I visualize the place to be landscaped (you can also take a picture), then I will search nursery, horticultural… as one looks for his pencils at the bottom of his kit. Component on the spot my mixtures or mixtures… I can sometimes take up a lot of space but each time I am allowed to do as a child for my greatest happiness! And I take it all away!

Find your creative mode, only you can do it for you!


Feng-Shui colors and seasons

If in winter and spring, you want fresh shades like blues, roses, yellows and whites;

If in summer, one prefers the generous and dazzling colors: like reds, yellows, bright roses and oranges;

If in autumn, we look for warm hues: like dark reds, English roses, purples, golden yellows and copper yellows;

The Feng-Shui will satisfy each of these desires because it rhythms the seasons of its colors, in the East you will find the colors of spring, in the South the shades of summer, in the West the shades of autumn and in the North the shades of winter… and you’ll enjoy it all year round!


Lack or excess of colour

In the case of a lack of colors, read the article above and make your choice, in the case of an excess of color in an area, choose the shades of the previous element. Example too many fire colors (red, pink, etc.) calm down with creams, yellows or oranges.

Here’s our reminder, it works both ways:

Fire < Earth < Metal < Water < Wood To increase or fill. Choice the previous colors.

Fire > Earth > Metal > Water > Wood To decrease or calm. Take the following colors.


Lesson of harmony :

Use plants with visually recognizable volumes and shapes (cushion, cloud, waterfall, plateau, cone …), well-structured silhouettes and, of course, rowed textures (fluffy, smooth, streaked foliage …).

And now, to your dear artists-gardeners brushes Do yourself a favour and send us pictures for our happiness to read them as a letter in ink from China.



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