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10 Feng-Shui tips to follow in your Garden
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in the garden


We all know that our path is unique and that we have a specific mission to accomplish. Some discovered which mission it was, for others it can be a foggy vision. Every day, we act unconsciously for that mission without really knowing it and spread it in the environment we chose. Feng-Shui teaches us how to reconnect ourselves to the basics. In order to find yourselves, we need to have a private space, inside and outside. The Garden of wisdoms is a therapeutic garden which opens doors to our true selves. Also, you need to put dedication in it’s creation, believing in your craziest dreams and things that resonates in you. You can then create an environment open to quietness, ressourcefulness and meditation, here’s the path we can all take to increase our well being on a daily basis, know who we are and which direction we’re taking.


Elements :

The part 8 of the garden, situated in North-East corresponds to the thinking and is often represented by a zen architecture, but you can also opt for a « travel » garden which will help you evade from the day by day routine and create this garden depending on your desires.

This zone needs to be created in a quiet area, far from the street, the noises, plain sight, hidden in lush, like a thousand colors secret garden.

Favorite colors for this kind of garden are reds, purples (fire), creams, yellows, oranges (earth) ; essential shapes would be squares, octogones and triangles ; favorite materials are stone, terracotta and ceramics. Active elements can be added like candles, photophores or fire.


Ideas and style :

Style : Simply yours.

Ideas of gardens : Zen, bouddhist, Celtic, forest (stones, froth, ferns, water holes), instrumental, medicinal, with rare plants, of collector, with parfumes, natural, grasses…

Items in resonance : Mountain (natural stones from where ou live), lotus, mirror, candles, photophores, pottery, poems, angels, elves, animal representations, musical instruments, greenhouse, fountain, bird bath, little mirror basin…

You’ll find a multitude of ideas in my book : Mon Jardin Feng-Shui & moi.



Mon Jardin Feng-Shui & moi

Be crazy enough to be wise !



1. Observe your garden,
2. Choose an area full of quietness
3. Sit down a few minutes every day in your private ressourceful space




Spring events 2020 : 

The energy of the stone, The energy of the water & The energy of the tree




La vie est belle

Life is beautiful

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