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1-Végétaux-Le-Jardin-Fengshui Why to install plants at the house, in its apartment and to the office ?

What could be more natural than a plant? It is a beautiful friend, beneficial in our health; his foliage absorbs pollutants of our inside, the vapor which it clears moisten the ambient air and cleanse him and its roots transform these pollutants into nutriments. Of the blow we shall have the choice between plants Feng-Shui and depolluting plants which very often can combine these 2 qualities.

Plant Feng-Shui is a tool simple to use, to clean up your place of life or work, they increase the energy by it, harmonize it, balance him and boost our morale.


Follow our easiest recipes:


1. Choose rather potted plants or cut flowers, dried flowers, dried flowers symbols of death and infertility have no their place here; then we shall avoid the bonsais which are the symbol of a reduction and a slow and not natural growth; finally for cactus averagely liked in Feng-Shui, they have their place, phew! (See 4)


2. Unlimited quantity or almost, we shall put so many plants as we want it by respecting a balance, to you to feel what goes to you; then we shall think of spraying, of feeding bio and of aerating 15 minutes minimum its inside every morning rather. A healthy exchange between the energies from the outside and from the inside the morning will make your “house” of the influences benefit news of the day.


3. Now what are the favorite rooms to welcome the beauty of the vegetable ?

Everywhere except in rooms and toilet. And at least in the kitchen (think of the aromatic), in the lounge, the dining room and to the office; also think of the entrance and the bathroom. Leave free plate glass windows, you can put in it not too high plants so that the internal-outside flow can operate. At the level of the dead or sharp angles, we can recreate an alive space or neutralize a hurting place (as an angle of uncomfortable wall for example), simply by a plant presence.


4. Where is plant Feng Shui the most useful?

In sectors is, Southeast and the South. They are privileged sectors because it is about 2 zones wood and 1 zones fire(light); in other sectors, they are also welcome but in lesser number. For cactus we can put them in the Northeast or in the South, your wisdom or your reputation will be there only more prickly. When you go on a journey put them in front of your front door, it seems that that scares off the thieves … Finally a small kinésiologique test will allow you to know where to place them exactly in the room(part,play) which you have just furnished. If your plant decays while it is looked after well, move her(it) and you will see her(it) recovering!


5. What forms and which colors to choose ?

The soft forms, round, lengthened but wide leaves of plants, to avoid the too sharp leavesof plants except for the East, for the Northeast and for the South. The favorite colors (by knowing that there will be always a green color base everywhere): in the North, in the East and in the Southeast: blue, black; in the Northeast, in the center and in the Southwest: yellow, orange, red; in the South: pink, red; on the West and in the Northwest; white, grey, silvery. For the complementary colors see the continuation in my book.


6. And maintaining that to choose ?

To take a plant, it is to adopt it. The plant has to please you or speak to you, even if Feng-Shui proposes you a symbolism which can help you, if the plant does not please you, do not take it! The choice is so vast that you can prefer an other one. The crush has to be there.

To clean up the waves: telephone, television set, computer, WiFi … nothing of such as Spathiphyllum, for the tobacco an Anthurium or a Papyrus, to produce negative ions a Lemon tree and an Orange tree (lucky charm in Feng-Shui, to put on each side of his front door the summer and in the lounge on the West the winter).

In Feng-Shui Croton for the well-being, the Bamboo for the ressourcement, the concentration and the security, the Ficus for a Zen inside, the Ivy for the union, Orchids for the femininity and to stimulate the clear-sightedness, the Narcissus to benefit from a big luck, the Chrysanthemum for an well-to-do life, said Crassula Ovata ” jade Tree ” for the abundance finally you will find in my book more than 100 pages on the subject for the inside as for the outside.


In your aprons, jars and shovels; good plantations of inside 🙂


Mon Jardin Feng-Shui et moi


1. Observe your inside,

2. Choose a place (or several) and furnish it with plants,

3. Make inhale your inside and you reload.




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