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Child's gardenWhy don’t you create your

own garden full of creativity ?


Find your balance and be aligned with your path.

You have to get back to work or studies soon, this is how to promote the development for a positive return to work or school year.

Yesterday, when I was talking to a friend of mine, she told me that her son lives currently in Scotland and that he practice 3 lines of work : he’s a climbing instructor, a photograph and a musician. Then I asked her if he was happy and if he succeeded to thrive with these 3 different jobs. The answer was positive and my face lighten up when in the conservation I told her « you see some people have one line of work and are annoyed while doing it and your son has multiples, still he managed to find happiness ».

This is exactly what the West sector of a garden is about, development of wellbeing on a daily basis and putting our wildest dreams while working on the garden.

This West part of the garden is really active, it resonates with family spirit and East roots.


Garden. Children It is a creative garden, where the inner child can play. The vegetable garden is well placed there and you can create one to share, harvest, and give to those who need it the most like this new Belgian charity called FruitCollect or other movements like Colibri that we have in France but the idea is originally from England. It’s a garden open to the world’s consciousness.

And we have a saying in France : he’s completely at West, which means he’s Crazy, open to everything. You can create it alone, with friends, family or people you just met, their opinions or thoughts are highly advised, they have to appreciate it, they are your guides.

Each your idea according to your style : A garden with flower pots in all sorts, another of my friend in Neauphle-le-Château designed a poetic mood all over the city with the complicity of municipality’s gardeners, it’s really worth the trip. She bought tea pots, planted flowers in them with the help of her association called LOJP (L’Oiseau Jardinier-Philosophie) and hanged them all around the railing of the La Gouttière pedestrian walkway.

Ideas in bulk : braided gardens, embroideries, sculptures, vegetal walls with recycled items or not, tree houses, dry stone walls, flowered or fruity tops/arches, garden stairs, gardens to welcome wildlife, space where you let grow everything wildly to respect biodiversity, gardens with games for kids, pottery workshop, colored gardens, stone collections, enchanted garden…

To banish from West sector : the presence of water in big quantities like a basin or a pool.


Here’s a summary, if needed, of the different energies depending on the zone you are in (colors, forms & favored materials) :

West :

East :

The book :



Bottes plantées

On the child’s side

1. Change your perception,
2. Decide for yourself & activate this sector,
3. Train yourselves & thrive.




And to start the 2nd Edition of > Mon Jardin Feng-Shui & moi




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