Your Own Garden full of Creativity

Why don’t you create your own garden full of creativity ?   Find your balance and be aligned with your path. You have to get back to work or studies soon, this is how to promote the development for a positive return to work or school year. Yesterday, when I was talking to a friend of mine, she told me that her son lives currently in Scotland and that he practice 3 lines of work : he’s a climbing instructor, a photograph and a musician. Then I asked her if he was happy and if he succeeded to thrive with these 3 different jobs. The answer was positive and my face lighten up when in the conservation I told her « you see some people have one line of work and are annoyed while doing it and your son has multiples, still he managed to find happiness ». This is exactly what the West sector of a garden is about, development of wellbeing on a daily basis and putting our wildest dreams while working on the garden. This West part of the garden is really active, it resonates with family spirit and East roots.   It is a creative garden, where the inner child can play. The vegetable garden is well placed there and you can create one to share, harvest, and give to those who need it the most like this new Belgian charity called FruitCollect or other movements like Colibri that we have in France but the idea is originally from England. It’s a garden open to the world’s consciousness. And we have a saying in France : he’s completely at West, which means he’s Crazy, open to everything. You can create it alone, with friends, family or people you just met, their opinions or thoughts are highly advised, they have to appreciate it, they are your guides. Each your idea according to your style : A garden with flower pots in all sorts, another of my friend in...

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The Feng-Shui & Celtic Vegetable Garden

  You’re invited to the Feng-Shui & Celtic vegetable garden. The result of happy alliances of resources in the Garden. From Orient to Occident. It really is enjoyable and precious to mingle the Feng-Shui teachings and those of the druids Sacred Arts. As the connection with Nature stayed the same everywhere, only geography changed the fact that Celtic Medicine is in Occident and the Feng-Shui’s in Orient. The Celts used wild plants to cook, create seasoning for their meals or for healing purposes. If you wish to introduce and take care of wild plants in your vegetable garden, you can follow this little guide, as well if you want to make the vibratory energy of your garden grow. You can use Feng-Shui’s teachings in order to achieve that.   Your Feng-Shui vegetable garden will be ideally placed To the East for vitality and health purposes, To South-East for abundance, And to the West for the crops and will be mixed with a kitchen garden. If your vegetable garden is placed in another part of the garden, don’t move him, rearrange him with a few Feng-Shui tricks : To the North, add a circuit of water who flow easily. To North-East use the geobiology principles to place stones, you will have to perform a kinesiology test in order to do that properly. To South, brighten your garden on the evening using solar energy. To South-West, add clay to your flowerbeds, this vegetable garden will be very flowery. Finally, to North-West, activate this zone with the energy of metal, you can use a chime/carillon or a collection of metal garden objects. Let the Center of your garden free, if you happen to have your vegetable garden here, retrieve all that is at its Center so it can be free. All vegetable garden will be different because of its orientation, colors, forms, materials and also the direction he’ll be oriented to. We just saw a few examples. Let’s talk Celtics plants.   A...

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Feng-Shui plants at my home

 Why to install plants at the house, in its apartment and to the office ? What could be more natural than a plant? It is a beautiful friend, beneficial in our health; his foliage absorbs pollutants of our inside, the vapor which it clears moisten the ambient air and cleanse him and its roots transform these pollutants into nutriments. Of the blow we shall have the choice between plants Feng-Shui and depolluting plants which very often can combine these 2 qualities. Plant Feng-Shui is a tool simple to use, to clean up your place of life or work, they increase the energy by it, harmonize it, balance him and boost our morale.   Follow our easiest recipes:   1. Choose rather potted plants or cut flowers, dried flowers, dried flowers symbols of death and infertility have no their place here; then we shall avoid the bonsais which are the symbol of a reduction and a slow and not natural growth; finally for cactus averagely liked in Feng-Shui, they have their place, phew! (See 4)   2. Unlimited quantity or almost, we shall put so many plants as we want it by respecting a balance, to you to feel what goes to you; then we shall think of spraying, of feeding bio and of aerating 15 minutes minimum its inside every morning rather. A healthy exchange between the energies from the outside and from the inside the morning will make your “house” of the influences benefit news of the day.   3. Now what are the favorite rooms to welcome the beauty of the vegetable ? Everywhere except in rooms and toilet. And at least in the kitchen (think of the aromatic), in the lounge, the dining room and to the office; also think of the entrance and the bathroom. Leave free plate glass windows, you can put in it not too high plants so that the internal-outside flow can operate. At the level of the dead or sharp angles, we can...

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A Love Garden

May & love in the garden or a love garden   This is the month of flowers when the garden explodes from happiness of finding again the heat of the earth which goes in increasing. When visiting gardens to realize, there’s often the sad observation that the area reserved to the couple is disregarded or non-existent. So let’s get to work to create you a happy home for 2 and only 2 ! This is the area of the couple or the relationship to the other if you are single with the choice to welcome your opposite or not. There’s no need to mistreat this area if you want to stay alone and meditate on your future relationships but you have to coddle it anyway. A place for 2 : this is primarily a place to sit together even if the fashion is to install a bed in some gardens in the South which are more hot. I am more romantic and I would install a comfortable bench for 2 preferably in stone and with soft cushions. Warm colours combinations : cream, yellow, orange (not too much because it would cause too many changes) and red (all ranges from pink to fuschia passing by red garnet). A little square or octogonal table and some delights to eat and drink. A lot of candles. Some outer drapes, canopies or a little cottage. Some decoration items we like by 2, a couple symbolism or man-woman equilibrated. Favor terracotta materials, the fire element and the coulours set out above. Be creative, enjoy yourself. Avoid the mess, the number 3 and the presence of water unless it is sparkling water to drink together. But where is this idyllic place ? Follow the guide, when I fit out this area I do a cleaning or I add the opposite sector « knowledge ». If we know well ourselves, we know where we are going and with who ; it’s up to you to take...

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Clarify your garden

Clarify your garden   According to the most old teachings, the invisible force or vital energy called Ch’i flows through and impregnates everything, even us ! Yet the Feng-Shui involves principally to lead and to harmonize this flow of Ch’i in the house like in the garden. Let flow freely the Ch’i, the atmosphere will be vibrant, dynamized and propitious to inspiration. Eliminating the disorder in the garden is an essential health act. I’ll tell you I caught myself to keep items which were useless and some were in a very bad condition, who doesn’t ? So practice every day or when you feel like, one of the principles of Feng-Shui : the « Clean Space ». Make like me, a spring cleaning which would be applied in all your areas : house and garden. Keep only what you need, accumulations prevent the concerned areas from breathing and shining like they are meant to. Enjoy yourself to observe where you tend to make a mess and what happens for you following your cleaning act. You can also add an intention but never forget to thank after receiving your surprise gift. Opt too for the following principles named the « 3 gold rules of Feng-Shui » :     1. Sort, 2. Stow, 3. Give, sell or throw away.     “A Feng-Shui terrace includes a convenient space to find the number of seats identical to the number of people living at home, the table will be round, square, octagonal, rectangular or other shape depending on the area fitted. This terrace will also include the decorative elements that you like and that allow you to relax like this jar to admire, this pool to listen and these plants to explore, while keeping a balance of architectural reading between Yin and Yang… Keep water clear at all times, either by using polluting plants or by circulating water or by renewing it.” Mon Jardin Feng-Shui et moi Feng-Shui Origins...

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Mon Jardin Feng-Shui et moi
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