3 – Terrace of well-being

3 – Terrace of well-being




“Of a contemporary structure, wooden terraces, or even of a more natural style, terraces in stones, slates or bricks symbolize the welcoming place to guests.

In a sober and elegant Feng-Shui atmosphere, the warmth of each material will harmonize with the selected plants; by their color or by their perfume or either by their benefaction: aromatic or medicinal plants.”


Photo & extracts from the book :

Mon Jardin Feng-Shui et moi

The Terrace “Recycling” or gazébo



Patio Zen Creation Le Jardin FengShui

One of our creations the “Patio Zen” (NN & JF Tréguer) is an open-air space included in the built and links the inside to the outside.

It is accessible from the kitchen and the library, which gives these two points extra brightness.

The water point brings freshness, relaxation and softness to the place.


Choose among our various garden partners, the terrace that suits you, we will design for you and custom-made the terrace of your dreams.



The Terrace of your dreams

Choose from our various garden partners the terrace that suits you.
Your style is different? We will then design a terrace for you customized, that of your dreams.


A zen terraceA lush terrace: wood & fountain
A terrace for two “recovery spirit” and original fountainA waterfall terrace with southern colours




A relaxing terrace around a natural pool.

Photos extracted from the book 

Mon Jardin Feng-Shui et moi






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