9 ~ Light up my Garden

9 ~ Light up my Garden


Lighting: to give life to a garden by night


Today the trend is to make the outdoor space an important part of the house. With good lighting, you can transform your garden into a welcoming place where you can easily relax for hours. You have a beautiful garden and you want to enjoy it by night. Give it life and creativity.

Lighting tips :

• Create streams of light for low light areas of your balcony or garden. Light up, for example, some flower boxes from their base.
• The garden is exposed to all weather conditions, we offer certified lightings, durable and waterproof for your exterior.
• Install lights around your outside built space to illuminate your house’s perimeter and give clarity to your entry.

Mon Jardin Feng-Shui et moi


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Mon Jardin Feng-Shui et moi
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