Bases of Feng Shui Garden

Some bases of Feng Shui Garden


Strong bases to increase the energy of your green living space.

Water or “Shui”

Healthy and serene water


“Essential and natural element of our life, water is as a vital energy for our body as it is for our garden.

By his intense and dynamic energy, it creates a fluidity, a movement generating power and strength to the garden.

The water is in essence Yin, it is symbolically associated with femininity and fertility. When it evolves gently, it possesses a more Yang energy, bringing a beautiful prosperity in its path.

To benefit of this miraculous energy, water must have some required qualities (clarity, flow, dimensions…) and be placed in best places (directions, timings…). These ancestral knowledge, where observation and precise calculations are included in, are rigorously followed by Feng Shui Masters.”




Wind or “Feng”


“The Chi, one of the first known principles; this healthy energy flow and invisible to the naked eye is well received by our body sensors. It is necessary for our good physical balance. Ideally Chi will be spread without obstacles and will go through us without being ‘hurt’ to keep an excellent vibrational quality.

Named ‘Chi’, vital energy which is traveling and is nourishing our gardens can be measured by the quality and benefit level. We always attempt to improve what exists especially if the energy is low and described as ‘Sha’ (stagnant energy) or ‘Shar Chi’ (aggressive energy) turned towards your garden or your home.”

The positioning choice of the entrance, paths, structures, trees and plants, water and stones… will be based on the landscaped area according to Feng-Shui traditional principles. The goal is to find the original Chi quality, bringing happiness and well-being. Applying to any garden style.

Concerning the energy sourced from tellurism, it is a different story: the one of the direct link between the earth and your garden face. This underground Chi will regulate with the establishment of raised stones. Fineness of Feng-Shui Garden Art!




Stone beauty and serenity


“Put a stone in a garden, a very beautiful work of major importance.

Each stone must be strategically placed on a positive energy point corresponding to a health Chi.

The stone must be implanted Yin side toward the Earth (its telluric roots) and Yang side toward the Sky (receiving cosmic energy). It must be in communication with other subjects if there are several planned in the garden general design plan.”

Garden of raised stones as an entity wants to imitate beauty and perfection of nature.


Mon Jardin Feng-Shui et moi



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