What is Geobiology ?

Georges Prat

Définition by Georges Prat from Précis Cartésien de Géobiologie

GEO : Earth
BIO : Life
LOGY : Knowledge


YAKUNO-arbreHistorically :

Human always had the ability to feel certain nuisance and knew where he should build his house. Spiritual high places, cathedrals, temples and churches were built on beneficial points* by the Elders.

In China, more than 3000 years before Jesus Christ, the natural place, climate and stars were used by geomancers and Feng-Shui’s masters who were precursors of modern geology.

Nowadays by the way of technology and its detection devices, geobiology is a science which researches and studies the troubles caused on living beings by electricity and place’s natural perturbations. High tension pylon, radars, aerials, electrical environment and electromagnetic on a side… Cosmo-telluric disorders, telluric chimneys, passage of groundwater, fault and cavity on the other side…

Architecture also refers to it ; some building shapes and construction materials (reinforced-concrete, presence of asbestos) can be noxious !

The balance’s breakdown of cosmic and telluric waves would cause in some cases dysfunctions in our biological system which would lead to conditions ranging from frustration to a disease.


By Georges Prat at Arkhana Vox’s editions :

PrécisPrécieuxMater Nostra, 2003, (translated in English & German)


In French:

L’Architecture Cosmique, 1998,
L’Architecture Invisible, 1999,
Résonnances du Sacré, 2004,
Chapelles Magiques du Pays Celte, 2005,
Le Chant des Etoiles, 2006,
Précis Cartésien de Géobiologie, 2007, (to begin)
Atlas de Géobiologie, 2011,
Hermétisme et Géobiologie, 2013,

And the last :
Les Autres Mondes, 2015.




The geopathic stress in question.

Although we are numerous to feel the negative influence of a place, few of us suspect the existence of the geopathic stress.

How to be warned and to proceed to the geopathic examination of the place ?

On the basis of flaws, veins, gound water, rivers and subterranean streams, the earth emits negative waves which are reaching the top vertically.

Building :

The waves pass through the buildings in all their height and also through the items and the furnitures which are inside of it. They can cause cracks in the walls, windowsills, doorsills and in interior tiles. These hints indicate the presence of telluric veins of negative waves. But these veins can exist without causing cracks.

When these veins pass under your bed and through your body, they are susceptible to be the source of all kind of inconveniences : insomnia, sweat, cramps, tingling, stiffness of members of the body, inexplicated tiredness, depression, snoring, headaches and with time much more important diseases.

Lorsque ces veines passent sous votre lit et traversent votre corps, elles sont susceptibles d’être à l’origine de toutes sortes d’inconvénients : insomnies, suées, crampes, fourmillements, raideurs des membres, fatigue inexpliquée, déprime, ronflements, maux de tête et, avec le temps, des maladies bien plus graves.

Espaces NaturelsNatural spaces :

Into the wild nature, parks and gardens, these waves are heading directly to the cosmos, passing through trees, « waters » and rocks. Only these rocks can deflect or neutralize the negative waves if they are well placed.

By examining the animal and the vegetal behaviour we can detect the noxious places. Animals like vegetation react differently to this stress. Following the concerned animal, it will stay away of the place or will be comfortable around it. But the vegetal which doesn’t have any defense against or any agreement with this type of waves will twist, spin or blister itself. From which the interest to learn methods which can relieve or heal the vegetal.

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