Detection and cures

Geobiology : Detection and cures

Arbre-CreuxDetection methods :

Dowsing : use of a divining rod or a pendulum.

Kinesiology : test of the muscular tonus.

The « suprasensible sense » : some people are able to « see » or to « feel » negative points. We are all possessing the ability of detecting them but most of us forgot how to do it.

Nowadays technology allowed to develop detection devices which can demonstrate anomalies of the terrestrial magnetic field like the « géomagnétogène », the Geiger counter for radioactivity or the electromagnetic field detector which register electric pertubations.

Georges-PratCures :

The acupuncture of the site is necessary after the detection of a geopathogenic stress, it is necessary to establish a cartography of the site for it.

The job of a Geobiologist includes to correct the noxious waves for the health of the vegetal, the animal and the human to the extent possible and according to his competences.

The cartography of the studied telluric will offer various possibilities : acupuncture points realised with iron « tors », installation of rocks, other work more subtil following the resonance of the place or of the vegetal subject to heal.

The Geobiologist will evaluate the vital percentage, the geobiologic perturbations, etc and will choose the right action to lead.

Failles-ReseauxA Feng-Shui expertise always comes along with an examination of the site’s Geobiology :

When you are ready to make realize a Feng-Shui expertise of your living or working place, choose an expert who has the necessary and sufficient bases to examinate at the same time the geobiology of the site.

It is essential for me to detain the double competence.

pont-jardin-fengshuiSome of the applications to the garden :

Choice of the rocks.

Choice of the positioning of the rocks : art of the lifted rock.

Choice of the creation of a water space : format, height/size, location, water inlet and outlet.

Choice of the pathways.

Choice of the implantation of the key trees.

Healing of sick trees.

Movements of trees (if possible) and plants or healing following the concerned subject.

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