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Mon Jardin Feng-Shui et moi

Discover 3 good ideas to improve the energy of your garden, bringing balance, harmony and serenity :
1. The laying of the stone, 2. The circulation of the water, 3. The implantation of the plants

TV Program, FRANCE 5 : Silence ça pousse June, 2016.
Inside the house as in the garden, it states rules supposed to bring well-being. Choose her Feng-Shui plants to harmonize her interior and exterior.

TV Program, DIRECT 8. Broadcast Well-being. August, 2009.
Report, interview and Céline Gerbier’s presentation. A practical guide, of numerous photos, tips, this report lights us and tells it to us on the Art of garden design Feng-Shui a lot.

TV Program, FRANCE 3 : Côté JardinsSeptember, 2002.
To Vélizy, in the Paris region, on 380m2, Nathalie Norman invented a very structured plant universe where she(it) put into practice the principles of Feng-Shui.

Report TV
FR3 19/20 High-Normandy. November 24th, 2012
Interview and report on the garden Feng-Shui Sacred created In the Buddhist Center of Lorey.

YVELINES 1ère. TV Web Series. April, 2010
Interview and report of 8 minutes on the garden Feng-Shui.

TV Fil78, TV Web ‘Chaîne Equilibre’. February 14th, 2010
Interview and report on The Garden Feng-Shui

DIRECT 8. August 2009 Good broadcast to BE
Report on the Garden Feng-Shui and the interview, Céline GERBIER’s presentation.

TF1. May, 2009 Broadcast TELESHOPPING
Report on the Garden Feng-Shui presented by Marie-Ange NARDI.

FR3. September, 2005 Broadcast ’19-20 ‘
Report on the demonstration
Versailles Côté Jardin in the Kitchen Garden of King.

FR3. August, 2003 Best-Of
Broadcast Côté JARDINS

FR3. September, 2002 Realized by Mathilde Trébucq.
Broadcast Stage right
“In the Paris region, on 380m2, Nathalie invented a very structured plant universe
where she put into practice the principles of Feng-Shui”.

Radio Interviews

Presentation of the book Mon Jardin Feng-Shui et moi 

RMC. Broadcast ‘Votre Jardin’. January 7th, 2012 by Patrick Mioulane 

Radio Coutoisie. 3 hours around the Garden. March 26th, 2010 by Mr Rémi Bonnevieille

France Inter. October, 2009 by Mr Alain Baraton

Guy Trédaniel Editeur. August, 2009 Interview by Victoria Hautin

Europe 1. May, 2009 Interview of Nathalie Normand by Laurent Cabrol

Press Articles 2009
Association des Jardiniers de France. September, 2009

Psychologie Magazine. September, 2009
“[…] This magnificent book, admirably illustrated and put in pages, which shows step by step how to harmonize the forms and the colors in your garden, to balance the yin and the yang of plants, to clean up or to relieve the atmosphere, to make circulate the energy, to create a space of ressourcement, to use rocks or accessories. A rich and clear work, which can become an essential one for all the amateurs of gardening..”

France Dimanche. July, 2009
“To create a garden by playing with sounds, vibrations and sensations is very difficult. A specialist is needed to reach Thanks to this work there, you will not need it everything is methodically explain, plans and supporting photos…”

Plantes et Santé. Magazine Plants and Health

May, 2009 Stones in the garden. A subtle geometry.

April, 2009 The water in the garden. An energy to be channelled.

March, 2009 Tree and Feng Shui. The place of Master.

Febuary, 2009 Garden of health for the family. The Green Dragon..

January, 2009 Pakua. 9 sectors of the garden.


Plantes et Santé. Magazine Plants and Health

December, 2008 The 5 elements.

November, 2008 The Yin and the Yang, a changeable harmony.

October, 2008 Around Qi, increase the ambient energy.

July & August, 2008 Feng Shui, harmony in your garden.
Articles co-paper by Isabelle Saget & Nathalie Normand

Femmes Actuelles. April, 2008 Special issue ” Good live in the garden “
What of these gardens seduces you most?
Among these six small paradises, made your choice and go off to explore your personality.
Articles co-paper by Isabelle de Baleine & Nathalie Normand

Vivre Tout Simplement. March, April & May, 2008 Brussels Magazine
” A garden to be well is a space dedicated to one, for our biggest happiness and that of our circle of acquaintances”. NN


Psychologies Magazine. May, 2007 ‘ The ZEN spirit of the garden ‘

by Erik Pigani, Author of the Zen Garden.

Psychologies Magazine. June, 2007 ‘ The feng shui of gardens ‘

by Erik Pigani, Author of the Zen Garden.


Housing environment Instructions for use Guide annual 2006
‘Feng Shui, Géobiology Or the Housing environment of Well-being ‘ by Christophe Combes.
Choice of the ground and the construction.
Choice of it shape, materials, colors of construction of the housing environment.
The Arrangement of the Garden.

Santé Magazine / Heath Magazine. Febuary, 2006
‘A garden everything in harmony ‘ by Nathalie Mathieu.


PRIMA. November, 2004 Practical sheets I cherish myself:
‘ I use the good energies ‘ & ‘ I compose a Zen balcony ‘ Drafted by Nathalie Normand


Les Nouvelles de Versailles / The News of Versailles. July, 2002
‘ Small lesson of gardening between friends ‘ by Damien Ferré.

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