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L'Art du Jardin Feng-Shui 2021

Creation Course

of Feng-Shui Gardens


All year round, personalized I to V courses: one-to-one or mini-group courses of one or 2 days, on site and in follow-up.
Bring a plan of your garden, photos, colored pencils & a ruler, the rest will be provided.

Lotus La Réunion

Workshops & visits take place at the Potager du Roi in Versailles,

at Parc Balbi, La Maison Littéraire de Victor Hugo,

at Tecomah, Parc de la Maison Albert Kahn, and megalithic sites... 


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Workshop I:

Stone Energy

2 days

Geobiology of the Feng-Shui Garden :

What is Geobiology?
Detecting geopathic stress in the garden.
Underground faults in the environment, how to detect them.
Consequences for nature & living organisms.

The Stone Garden:

Where, how, why?
Choose the stones, determine their number, location and orientation.
Clean them, program them, add them, increase the vibration...

Care :

Caring for a place, the whole garden.
Acupuncture points of a site.
Workshop on laying garden stones Feng-Shui and Zen: on site.
On-site work, neutralization: acupuncture points.
Tuning into the Moon's rhythms.

For those who already work with geobiology, bring your own equipment.

For novices, we'll provide you with this one.

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Workshop II:

Water Energy

1 day


The Water Dragon:

Chi: condensation of water energies.
Major and minor water.
Place and movement of water.
Qualities, positioning, distances & proportions.
Ancestral & sacred formulas, how to use them.


Wet telluric faults and their impact on living organisms.
Information conveyed.
Working with the Moon.

Water Dragon workshop:

On plan, individual workshop based on your garden subjects.

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Workshop III:

Energy from the Trees

1 day

Modification of the garden area :

Seasonal cycle and growth.
Solar and lunar energy.
Educating the eye.

Tree power:

Consideration of the Tree.
Tree, vector of Chi?
Its influence.
Qualities, selection criteria, ideal location.

Sensory workshop :

Encountering trees.
How to get in touch with the tree.
Benefits, receiving a treatment.

Care :

Detecting telluric disturbances. Consequences.
Choosing its location before planting, how to plant it and orientate it so that it is happy.
Treating a tree.
Site acupuncture points for treating plants that are already in place and cannot be moved.
Other methods: Lakhovsky rings...

Working with the Moon. Pruning, why, when, how?

Natural techniques to aid plant growth.
(Based on studies by Russian and French teams).

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Course I:

2 days of your choice

Open courses

Landscape Architecture

Zen garden decoration

The basics of the Feng-Shui Garden :

The School of Form or ideal topography.
The 3 circles of influence.
The harmonious energy of Yin and Yang.
Jù: configuration of forces.
Chi: condensation of mountain and water energies.
Site location and sacred animals. Rural and urban analysis.
Constructive, destructive and regulating cycles of colors, materials and shapes according to the 5-element principle.


Entrance, access, passageways and paths.
Location of buildings.

Landscaping the Garden according to :

The Pakua of the garden: a typical feng-shui plan.

Enhance the 9 sectors of the garden: relationships, creativity, travel, career, wisdom, health, prosperity, fame, balance.

Workshop to analyze a garden or plot plan:

On plans or on site, according to our possibilities. Please choose an oriented plan and photos of the site (digital if possible): front, back, side.

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Course II:

2 days of your choice

Open courses

Landscape Analysis & Design

Energy audits and assessments :

Topography and remedies.

Particular forms of terrain and their remedies: long, sloping, undulating, flat, asymmetrical or other gardens.

Extensions and missing land: consequences and rebalancing.

Targeted improvements :

Proportional relationships: 3 dynamic elements for each sector.
The site's relationship with the occupant: personalization.
Lighting: where, how, why?
Entrance, walkways.
Traditional plants.
Powerful aromas: the best places.
Colors, shapes & materials.

Photo and design workshop :

On a chosen visual or plan. Create a feng-shui visual or plan.

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Course III:

2 days of your choice

Open courses

Landscape Audit

Field audit :

Expertise process.
The shape (topography) and position of the site. Surrounding context.
Terrain quality. Tests at our disposal.
Extensions and recesses: how to create them?

Feeling and design workshop :

On colors, shape waves and materials.
Color vibrations.
Rules for composing colors, shapes & materials: 3 energizing elements.
Negative and inadvisable form waves.
Positive form waves used in the Zen garden.

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Courses IV & V: 2 x 2 days

Course IV

Course V open :


1. On-site audit, one of your Feng-Shui gardens :

(In Ile de France or Province)

Submit your garden with a floor plan and oriented photos, along with your questions and plans.

The garden selected will be the one that shows the most interest in relation to the previous lessons & experiments.

2. From the audited garden :

Preparing a Feng-Shui garden project.
Relating the site to the occupant: personalization.
How to draw up a project. A step-by-step guide.

3. Auditing & reading difficult plans :

Auditing exercises, rebalancing & creative ideas.

Regulatory tracings.
Dissertation, training validation & certification.

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