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My Feng-Shui Garden and I

Discover 3 great ideas for improving the energy of your garden, bringing it balance, harmony and serenity:
1. Laying Stone, 2. circulating Water, 3. planting Plants

Feng-Shui Garden Design Guide. October 2021

The Feng-Shui garden is a little paradise on earth, an island of greenery and serenity. Respecting the landscape and biodiversity, preserving wildlife...

Bricomarché. Feng Shui garden design. June 2021

Zen, be zen! Our expert Nathalie Normand explains how to create a Feng Shui garden 👌

Visit Feng-Shui Gardens. Before and after. April 2021

Need ideas for starting your own Feng-Shui garden? 😉In this video, I take you on a tour of the gardens I've created...

France 5. Silence ça pousse. June 2016

Both inside the home and in the garden, it sets out rules for well-being. Choosing Feng-Shui plants to harmonize your home and garden. In the garden, where to place stones to balance the space?

DIRECT 8: Bien-Etre program. August 2009

Report, interview and presentation by Céline Gerbier. A practical guide, numerous photos, tips and tricks, this report sheds light on and tells us a lot about the Art of the Feng-Shui Garden.

France 3. Program Côté Jardins. September 2002

In Vélizy, near Paris, on 380m2, Nathalie has created a highly structured plant world where she has put into practice the principles of Feng-Shui.

TV reports

FR5, Silence ça pousse. June 10 & 18, 2016 Interview and report on the Feng-Shui garden.

FR3 19/20 Haute Normandie. November 24, 2012 Interview and report on the Sacred Feng-Shui garden created at the Centre Bouddhiste de Lorey

YVELINES 1ère. Web TV series. April 2010 Interview and 8-minute report on the Feng-Shui garden

TV Fil78, TV web 'Chaîne Equilibre' February 14, 2010 Interview and report on the Feng-Shui garden

DIRECT 8. August 2009 Emission BIEN ETRE
Report on the Feng-Shui Garden and interview, presentation by Céline GERBIER

Report on the Feng-Shui garden presented by Marie-Ange NARDI

FR3. September 2005 Broadcast '19-20′
Report on the Versailles Côté Jardin event at the Potager du Roi.

FR3. August 2003 Best-Of. Program Côté JARDINS

FR3. September 2002 directed by Mathilde Trébucq, broadcast by Côté JARDINS

Radios & Interviews

My Garden in the Landes. November 2022.

Radio Dunes. October 2022. Bouquins-bouquins program:


Air Zen Radio. September 2022:

RMC. January 7, 2012. Program 'Votre Jardin by Patrick Mioulane

Radio Coutoisie. 3 hours around the Garden. March 26, 2010 by Mr Rémi Bonnevieille

France Inter. October 2009 by Mr Alain Baraton

Guy Trédaniel Editeur. August 2009 Interview by Victoria Hautin

Europe 1. May 2009 Interview with Nathalie Normand by Laurent Cabrol

My Feng-Shui Garden and I