Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show

Garden award at Chelsea Flower Show. London
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Designers :
Haruko Seki Landscape Architect
Makoto Saito BSc(hons) AAdipl
Makoto Tanaka Landscaper
Shinichiro Ito Planting Design
Masako Shiraishi Sculpture

Garden in the Silver Moonlight

Awarded Silver Flora

This is the first contemporary Japanese garden to be featured within the show garden category at the Chelsea Flower Show, where designers across the globe present the latest ideas in garden design. This garden also celebrates the 150th anniversary of the diplomacy and friendship treaty between the UK and Japan.Inspired by the moon observation stage in Katsura Imperial Villa, the 17th century architectural masterpiece in Kyoto, the garden has been designed as a contemporary interpretation of the Japanese sense of beauty and closeness to nature. The philosophical understanding of nature in the Japanese tradition is expressed through the provision of a platform from which to observe the garden via the moonlit reflections on the water. This offers a mirror to the notion of the impermanent, transient and continually evolving world in which we live in.

The garden has been created as an art form that stimulates the five senses, realized with the collaboration of various artists and designers who are at the forefront of their professions; landscape, architecture, fine art and music.

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