8 ~ My green wall

8-Vegetable wall-Garden

Architecture :
An original idea for both indoors and out, to surround a pond, a pool, a terrace, a wall or a view to hide.
These vertical planters are large enough to hold a large volume of substrate (a mixture of soil and organic fertilizer) of up to 300 liters. This creates a real natural water reservoir.
A water reserve with an exceptional water capacity of 30 liters is located at the base of the wall and rises by capillary action along the hydrophilic felt, feeding the plant roots.

Environment :
Hydrophilic felt is recycled from the textile industry. It acts like a sponge, absorbing water through watering or rainfall and releasing it as the plant needs it. The felt acts as a thermal insulator, preventing water loss through evaporation in hot weather.

The substrate is made from local raw materials such as Landes pine bark from the paper industry. It also contains wetting agents and water-retaining agents to reduce the need for watering.

Steel and aluminum can be recycled at end-of-life.

Perennials with low water requirements are mainly used and are present on a perennial basis.

The use of depolluting plants is perfectly suited to this concept.