Geobiology: detection and remedies

Arbre-CreuxDetection methods :

Dowsing: using dowsing rods or a pendulum.

Kinesiology: muscle tone test.

The "suprasensitive sense": some people are able to "see" negative points or "feel" them. We all possess the latent ability to detect them, but most of us have forgotten it.

Today's technology has made it possible to develop detection devices that demonstrate anomalies in the earth's magnetic field, such as the geomagnetogen, the Geiger counter for radioactivity, or the electromagnetic field detector that records electrical disturbances.

Georges-PratCare methods :

Location acupuncture is necessary once geopathic stress has been detected, and for this it is essential to map the location.

The work of a Geobiologist consists, as far as possible and within the scope of his or her skills, in correcting these waves that are harmful to the health of plants, animals and humans.

The mapping of the telluric studied will offer different possibilities: acupuncture points made with twisted iron, laying stones, other more subtle work depending on the resonance of the place or plant subject to be treated.

The Geobiologist will evaluate the vital percentage of the site, the geobiological or other disturbances, and choose the right action to take.

Rifts-NetworksA Feng Shui expertise
is always accompanied by an examination of the Geobiology of the location:

When you're ready to have a Feng Shui survey of your home or workplace, choose an expert who has the necessary and sufficient grounding to examine the geobiology of the location at the same time.

It's essential for me to have dual skills.

pont-jardin-fengshuiSome garden applications:

Choice of stones.

Choice of stone positioning: the art of free-standing.

Choosing how to create a water feature: format, size, location, water inlet and outlet.

Choice of paths.

Choice of major tree locations.

Caring for sick trees.

Moving trees (if possible) and plants or caring for them, depending on the subject.


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